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*HOUSE RULES* (Terms & Conditions)

>>> PLEASE NO OPEN FIRES or DISPOSABLE BBQs ANYWHERE ONSITE. We are blessed to be holding our event on a truly lovely piece of land and we trust that you will treat it with the respect it deserves. The scallywag party will be billed for any damage caused, including scorches and burns to the grass so we really appreciate your help leaving the site as you found it. There will be a great communal fire pit to warm yourselves by. Free standing BBQs are allowed for cooking on as long as they are off the grass and the ashes disposed of in the landfill bin once fully cooled.

>>> PLEASE DON'T BRING GLASS, DOGS or SOUND SYSTEMS ON SITE. Our license is dependent on a strict noise management plan, though acoustic jams will run late. But please NO DEMBES, DRUMS, PERCUSSION or BASS after midnight. Thank you in advance for being respectful of this.

>>> OUR SITE is a very special and beautiful space and the festival we create is a welcoming and safe place for everyone including families and children. For your safety, a security team will be present onsite. We trust you understand what is cool and what is not, and ANY ANTISOCIAL AND/OR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. In any instance of this trust being broken, any inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with nicely but firmly and swiftly. Thank you for keeping our previous 3 festivals so amazing and such very safe spaces to enjoy for all. We really appreciate your help in making 2021's event equally brilliant.

>>>PHOTOGRAPHY. Official photographers and film crews will be onsite and by attending the event, you give permission for photographic material to be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish images of yourself or anyone in your family to be captured, please make it clear to the photographers as they approach.

>>>LAKES. Our new site has a number of beautiful lakes. There will be adequate safety procedures in place to minimise the water risk. We ask that people bringing children to the festival are especially vigilant; just as they would be in a public park with an unguarded body of water. The lakes look pretty and especially inviting on a hot day but unfortunately they are filled by the run off from agricultural land and are not safe to swim in. We kindly ask, for your safety and the safety of those around you, that you DO NOT enter the water under any circumstances. Anyone found entering the lakes does so entirely at their own risk and may be ejected from the site for doing so. The Scallywag Party will not be held responsible for any personal injury caused by not following these very clear instructions.

>>>COVID 19. We are in a different world now and at the scallywag party your health and safety is extremely important to us. Rest assured, we will be implementing everything that we will be required for us to deliver another safe event, the details of which are yet to be legislated. We trust that you will help us but respecting any additional measures that we are required to implement to keep everyone at the festival safe and healthy. We trust that you will also play your part by following any national guidelines that are in place during the event. By entering the festival site you understand that the Scallywag Party can not be held accountable or responsible for the actions of any persons on the site who put others at risk by not adhering to government guidance. 


We thank you in advance for your cooperation and that with your help and support we can keep everybody safe

at the SCALLYWAG PARTY 2022!

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